Dating cigarette tax stamps

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Carette Tax Stamp Machine Sales, Service & Repair J. C. For quickie dating, the three most useful things on a box are: Dating means putting the box in the correct historical period, not learning the exact day it left the factory, though that too is sometimes possible. Each of these topics is detailed elsewhere in Hyman’s Car History Museum. Add the last two numbers of the Series to 1930 and you’ll know the date. Intended as a warning to tax cheats who reused stamps or boxes, starting in 1868 a “Caution Notice” was required to be pasted on a car box. J. C. Maintenance is quickly becoming a leader in the carette tax stamp machine industry providing sales, service, parts, glue, used equipment.

Tax Stamp Dating Drinks Planet The stamps you are about to see are the most common types. With experience, you can tell if a stamp is one of the most common types from across a room. If there is no stamp, the Caution NOTICE can be useful to identify pre and post Golden Age boxes. Tax Stamp Dating by Mikethevike 3 years y ago. Tax Stamp Dating. 2,126 2.1K. Dating US bottles via Tax Stamps. Chivas Regal Whisky, 12 years old bottle unopened

Gov/pdf/current_forms/carette/cg114.pdf Close up, a small fragment is often enuff to date a box. Also new is five colors of ink representing five different retail price and tax classes of cars. During the heart of the Great Depression the National Recovery Act created the National Recovery Administration to administer a New Deal program involving price-fixing which was quickly declared unconstitutional. C tax stamp Prepaid sales Number of Carette tax Carette tax paid Prepaid sales tax denomination tax per pack stamps paid less commission paid.

Easily Dating Car Boxes - Newark NJ By entering this site you declare you are 21 or older, you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility. Easily Dating Car Boxes. Between 18 dozens of car tax stamps had been issued, most of. Dating means putting the box in the correct.

Carette tax stamps collection all over the world by Andrey Vasiunin Changes often required something to be printed or pasted on a box. If the stamp has a series number after the 1926 date like the one illustrated, the stamp dates after 1931. Cancellations can be a good date clue, but are not always accurate. Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan

Dating cigarette tax stamps:

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