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<strong>HMV</strong> Gramophone eBay

HMV Gramophone eBay Another label was established in Germany in 1925, Electrola. The Gramophone Company, Limited, and Sister Companies. I will simply present them here in as close to chronological order as I can fure out, without getting too fussy. Find great deals on eBay for HMV Gramophone in Collectible Photographs and Accessories. Shop with confidence.

Collections EMI Archive Trust

Collections EMI Archive Trust Single sided only: contains embossed winged-angel motif, with word GRAMOPHONE' twice on perimeter of circle. This 12 inch record, catalog 04032 with the Recording Angel trademark, could have been produced about 1910, according to the matrix numbers listed by Rust [R], but maybe I have misinterpreted his listing, for this would have been a year or so after the Nipper trademark was used. I cannot work out the recording period for this catalog C366, matrix 2-012, according to Rust [R]. A unique collection of record and gramophone catalogues from around the world – Artist Files for the. EMI House Journals from 1917 to date. 78rpm metal masters including HMV, Columbia, Parlophone, Odeon and Fonotopia labels.

<b>HMV</b> MOS 102D - Graham-ophones

HMV MOS 102D - Graham-ophones In fact I find Rust's dates by matrix number rather confusing and inadequate. Following the outbreak of World War 2 production of gramophones at EMI's. it is stamped with the code "B over 9" indicating a date of 1936+9 years i.e. 1945.

<strong>HMV</strong> Gramophone Model 102 - YouTube

HMV Gramophone Model 102 - YouTube In 1897 The Gramophone Company was founded in London. Jan 18, 2013. Here is my HMV model 102 wind up portable gramophone which dates from c1934/35. The 102 was considered to be the most successful of all.

Beniamino Gli - The Complete <strong>HMV</strong> Recordings. -

Beniamino Gli - The Complete HMV Recordings. - In 1898, Will and Fred Gaisberg were sent to London by Berliner to run the recording studio, and Emile's brother Joseph set up a pressing plant in Hanover, Germany. In 1932 Gli left the Metropolitan and, with it, the Victor record company three volumes in the Romophone series covers his years with it, dating from 1921.

S-THE LABELS-<b>HMV</b> - 78-home

S-THE LABELS-HMV - 78-home In that year, the Recording Angel' trademark was first used on discs, and legally registed in May 1899 in London as a trade-mark. The US Gramophone Company was founded in Washington USA in 1893, its president Emile Berliner who. Note the date on the record, September 1905.


CAPS 2007 APN There is no resemblance to the above catalog and matrix number on the Rust listing. Catalog number 0680; again Rust [R] is confusing - this number on a 12 inch seems to indicate a recording period of 1905/06, at the Maiden Lane studios, but the label clearly states Hayes, Middlesex - and besides, the Nipper logo was not used till 1909. If you are interested in phonographs, gramophones and the history of. Since HMV dispensed with the record tray by 1936, Saul's machine can be dated.

Ian Calderbank UK Collection of <i>Gramophones</i> For Sale; <i>HMV</i>.

Ian Calderbank UK Collection of Gramophones For Sale; HMV. We know from Rust that this label, with its resctangle panel containing the catalog number, end at the end of 1917but damned if I can work out when they started - Rust is so confusing at times!! This Arthur de Greef pianoforte solo has a catalog number D655, and matrix 05708. This Gramophone can be dated to 1954 because in 1936 HMV introduced a date system for all their products, "B" was 1936 and "B/1" 1937 - hence b/18 is 1954.

<i>HMV</i> Model 100 Gramophone - YouTube

HMV Model 100 Gramophone - YouTube Once again, Rust indicates that this matrix was pressed in the 1911/12 period, but gives the location as Maiden Lane, London. Johnny Dodds, clarinet; Natty Dominique, trumpet; Honore Dutray, trombone; Lil Armstrong, piano; J. This is as good a place as any to repeat that the desners of the HMV label must have been on drugs - it is one of the most frustrating and impractical labels ever desned. Jul 12, 2013. Another recording of my HMV Model 100 gramophone dating from 1924/25. This was their first 'modern' portable and was listed in their.

S Collectable Phonographs & <strong>Gramophones</strong> eBay

S Collectable Phonographs & Gramophones eBay In that same year, 1899, the Managing director of The Gramophone Company, William Owen, purchased the painting of Nipper (but was not used as a trade-mark till 1909). Results 1 - 25 of 119. Dating back to circa 1930's. With spare. HMV 102 portable gramophone c.1933, serviced and ready to use; please see video. A nice old.

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